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go from unknown to in demand

how coaches, consultants, and business owners

can build a rock solid personal brand

that lowers marketing costs, increases ticket prices, and fills your calendar with premium clients

(even if you're starting from scratch and no one knows who you are)

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discover the power of being branded

how branded people and businesses save money, accelerate business growth, and stand out from the competition

  • Lower Marketing Costs
  • ​Lower Client Acquisition Costs
  • Higher Product or Service Prices
  • Premium Clients
  • Increased Opportunities
  • ​More Enquiries, Leads and Sales
  • ​Greater Authority
  • ​Differentiation From Competition

how being unbranded is costing you money, losing you business, and making you unnoticeable

  • Higher Marketing Costs
  • More Difficult To Get Clients
  • Have To Compete On Price
  • ​Fewer Client Renewals
  • Searching For The Next Opportunity
  • Unpredictable Lead Flow
  • No Reason To Choose You
  • ​No Different From The Competition
there are 6 levels of branding
and it is likely that you are aiming for the wrong one
on this unique, one of a kind training we will show you...
  • The basic foundation you need to get started
  • How to start your personal brand fast and get noticed
  • How to eliminate fear and get more clients to find you
  • Create a clear reason why people should choose you over the competition
  • How to increase your pricing
  • Why as you brand yourself your prices go up
  • How you can secure top-quality clients
  • Creating the positioning to be able to choose whom you want to do business with
  • No more chasing - instead, people are chasing you
  • How to create your own army of referrers
  • Charge more, earn more, and do less
  • How to get fully booked and charge your worth
  • ​Building teams and support so you don't have to do everything
  • Become famous in your area
  • Well known and well respected
  • Powerful reach
  • ​Big impact
  • Competitors admire you and are coming to you for advice
  • Highest price for products or services
  • Earning more, working less
  • ​Dream life - more free time

we will walk you through
The Whole Branding Process

when i started back in 2008 it was easy!
you posted on your page
everyone who 'liked' your page saw the post
lots commented, some even purchased
you spent some money on ads
lead cost was low sale cost was low
reporting was easy
social media was predictable
life is good.

what you will discover

on this training

Imagine what a difference it would make if you trebled your prices and had 10x more brand awareness in your industry than you have now.

Everyone knows who you are, and they know where to find you.

Your ideal clients are contacting you eager to do business, you are well respected, and looked at as an authority in the market.

You are consistently signing your dream clients, spending more time with your loved ones, and enjoying life.

Sound good? All of this can be achieved if you build your brand in the right way!
After increasing your prices, building your awareness, and avoiding costly mistakes, it’s time to make you stand out from the competition.

First things first, you need a great product, but also be aware that it’s not always the best product that wins the business, it’s the best branded product that wins.

It doesn’t matter how good you say you are. It doesn’t matter how good you say your products or services are. What really matters is how good others say you are. 

On this training, I’ll share my formula that will eliminate ‘shopping around’, power up your marketing, and create an immediate advantage over your competition.
In order to ascend through the 6 levels of branding, it is essential to avoid the 4 critical mistakes that most coaches, consultants, and business owners make.

These mistakes are making it MUCH harder for you to increase your prices, find your ideal clients, and stand out from the crowd.

On the training, I’ll share what they are and how you can deal with them.

By the time we’re done here, the clients will be chasing you rather than you chasing them!

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your host...adam stott

In case you don’t know me, I am an ordinary guy from humble beginnings.

I started my first business aged 25, feeling confident, driven, and ready to make my dent in the world. I knew right from the beginning that I would do a great job for my clients because I cared more than anybody out there.

Through lots of ups and downs, lessons, and a long journey, I arrived at a place where I have achieved what I wanted from my life, and In 2016 I started my dream business which has allowed me to train 1000s of business owners on how to master the process of growing businesses.
It hasn't always been plain sailing. I was great at producing content, I knew exactly what my message was and I knew I could make a big impact on people's lives but, in the beginning, I struggled to get clients...
  • Nobody found me
  • Nobody followed my page
  • Nobody watched my videos
  • ​My website wasn't getting any traffic
  • ​I kept losing business to my competitors
Worse still, people were asking - "Who the **** is Adam Stott?"
Here's an analogy that sums it up: I was the beekeeper, and I was chasing the bees.
It was then that I realised...
I sought out the best coaches and mentors.

i needed to get branded!

People couldn't find me, and my ideal clients were choosing my competitors over me because I didn't stand out - there was no clear reason why people should do business with me.

From that point on I made it my mission in life and number one priority to build my personal and business brand in every possible way that I could.

Over the next few years, I put a huge amount of time and money into building a system that helped me build my brand - and I was good at it!

Following my system, I quickly began to build a successful brand...
  • ​Featured on TV and Radio
  • Multiple Award-Winning Business Owner
  • ​Best Selling Author
  • More than 30 Articles Written and Published for Forbes
  • ​Featured On Channel 5's 'Rich House, Poor House' Twice
  • Spoken On Stage To Audiences Worldwide
  • Shared The Stage With Some Of The Most Famous People In The World
featuring on leading business podcasts
mainstream TV appearances
award judging panels
keynote Speeches at events
speaking at international events
radio features
high level networking and events
hosting overseas bootcamp events
featured in all of these publications

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins is one of the biggest stars on TV and a hugely successful businesswoman.

Unlike most stars who started their career on reality TV, Gemma has transcended the genre and now features and has featured on a wide variety of programs including Piers Morgan's Life Stories and The Jonathan Ross Show and also has her own top-rated Podcast on BBC Sounds.

Outside of her TV work, Gemma's various business interests include a skin care range and her thriving clothing range the Gemma Collins Collection.

This is not the first time Gemma and Adam have worked together! both started their careers in vehicles sales for BMW.

  • 2.2m Instagram Followers
  • 1.2m Twitter Followers
  • Founded a Successful Clothing Business
  • Multiple Big Name Brand Endorsements
  • ​Top Rated Podcast on BBC Sounds
  • TV Credits Including The Only Way Is Essex, Celebrity Big Brother, Celebs Go Dating, Piers Morgan's Life Stories and Gemma Collins: Diva
  • Numerous Animal Rights Campaigns With PETA
  • One Of The Most Well-known TV Stars In The UK

all of a sudden a very ordinary guy was getting EXTRAORDINARY rESULTS - and you can too!

being branded has allowed me to build a 7-figure coaching business
now i am the honey and bees are coming to me
now you have an opportunity to learn my system and see how quickly it can change your results

build a brand than dominates the market and overtakes the competition like our clients below

Kam Saleem - motorserv uk

Went from 1-1 selling and relationship-building to 150,000 followers across platforms, TV and Radio features, and more than 50 industry awards resulting in £10M+ IN SALES USING THE BRANDED SYSTEM.

sonal shah - sonaltech

Sonal wanted to inspire more women to get into the technology field but had no brand or following. Using the BRANDED SYSTEM Sonal became recognised and was voted one of the most influential women in tech and received a Woman of Inspiration award.

Parm Bhangal - Bhangals Construction consultants

Became an industry authority with multiple awards and accolades, then went on to launch a successful additional business coaching other construction businesses on how to improve their results USING THE BRANDED SYSTEM.

Dan Salmon - never a wasted journey

Became an award-winning business featured on TV and in multiple publications, embraced celebrity branding, and went from unknown to becoming the UK's Number 1 Luxury Travel Agent and OVER £1M IN SALES USING THE BRANDED SYSTEM.

Laura evans - sisu pancakes

Laura started her pancake business from her home kitchen, she struggled to scale the business. After getting BRANDED Laura was frequently featured in the media including on ITV and has since relocated to her first shop.

frankie - bespoke event styling

Frankie was working all the hours available; she wanted a better work-life balance for herself and her family. After using the BRANDED system, Frankie became a multi-award winner, increased her turnover and expanded her team - giving her more time to do the things she loves.

andrew athineos - athena collections

"With the help of Adam and the BRANDED system, we have totally transformed. From sitting on the sidelines to being one of the most recognised debt collection agencies in the UK. Showcasing our multiple awards and 5-star reviews has had a phenomenal impact on our business - our client base has gone up by 200%".

James and Steph Bolingbroke - Brand It Essex

James and Steph started their business as a side hustle whilst James was still working another job. Using the BRANDED system James is now the dominant brand in his area and has been featured on podcasts and magazine covers. His side hustle is now his full-time business with over 500k in sales revenue.

save your place on this training and get branded!

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